Little Joe 

Little Joe is the Supair Drive flagship product at the moment. He is made of EVA, a scented polymer with special perfumed molecules which uniformly and continuously emmit frangrace over a long period of time
Little Joe is multifunctional with it's unique 2 step clipping system: you can use him as a car air freshener or he can refresh little areas, such as drawers, sports bags or small cupboards, for 45 days and over. Little Joe's belly can be custom branded and is pakaged in a blister. The blister inlay can also be custom branded. We are currently developing an entire Little Joe range.

We believe, Car Air Refreshers not only shall freshen the car’s air. They also shall light up one’s mood. So, we created Little Joe and sent him around the world.

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Available Fragrance
-  Flower                       -  Vanilla
-  Sweet                        -  Amber
- Fruit                            -  New car
- Tonic                          -  Eucalyptus
- Green tea                  -  Passion