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Organic Cans

Powerful, high-quality fragrances last up to 60 days
- Easy to use in the car, home, work, anywhere
- No liquid to spill or leak
- Adjustable fragrance control cap
- Biodegradable organic pads and recyclable cans

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Paradise Air Fresh, established in 2017, manufactures world class air freshening products while providing tailored service that customers deserve. We manufacture our air freshening products in the USA and distribute them across the globe. Whether you are looking for an air freshener for your car, home, office, workplace or business, you have come to the right place!

Available Fragrances

Cherry                                           Gold
Strawberry                                   Rip Tide Reef
Black                                            Sunshine Citrus
​Vanilla Beach                               Tropic Twist

​Coco Loco                                   Cran Burst

​Bimini Breeze                               Watermelon                

​New Car Shine                            Exotic Cotton

​Berry Punch                                Powder                                

​​Bubblegum                                  White Musk