Mr & Mrs Fragrance was born with the desire to fill every drawer, every
room and every car in the world with love and creativity through a family
of scented characters designed and made in Italy.

Available Fragrance
- Eucaliptus                     -  Black Tea

- Peppermint                   - Fresh Air

- Gardenia of Tahiti         - Vanilla

- Pure                              - Oriental

- Cherry                           - Equilibrium

- Black Orchid

Available Fragrance
- Fresh Air                       -  Citrus
- Vanilla                           -  Cedar Wood
- Energy                          -  Pepper Mint
- Portofino                       -  Citrus & Musk
- Noble Out                     -  Cinnamon & Woods

​- Orange Flowers & Sandalwood

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Niki is the perfect travelling companion. Niki hugs you, says hello to you and wants to go a long way with you. Niki is trendy, outgoing and smells nice. Niki enjoys watching the world from your car. A journey without Niki is a journey without emotions.


Cesare is a car air freshener made of Eva, a thermoplastic and non-toxic polymer. It contains essential oils and an aggressive molecule long lasting against unpleasant odors. Cesare is Made in Italy and its fragrances are alcohol-free

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