SENSO Deluxe

We focus on new technologies and are constantly looking for innovative solutions. We have created a car freshener in the form of a gel, enclosed in an elegant glass container. Placed in a car cup holder, it will please the most demanding customers who focus on aesthetics. This unique product can also be used as a fragrance at home and in the office.
The smell is released slowly up to 75 days.
Volume: 50 ml.

Available Fragrance
- Bubble Gum             - Mungo Flower             - Fresh Garden                - Sweet Cherry
- Black                        - New Car                      - Wildberries                    - Vanilla Cream
- Ocean                      - Citrus Dream               - Green Apple

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Car fragrance 2Phases

​T2Phases Dr. Marcus with the addition of nanocoloid silver is a functional air freshener in a glass bottle with a wooden stopper. Thanks to innovative technology, two layers of fluid are visible, each layer has a specific function.
The bottom layer, thanks to the Neutrafresh technology used, neutralizes unpleasant odors, the upper layer which is one of the six fragrance compositions will fill the space in the car, home or office with a wonderful aroma.

Available fragrance
- Mango                - Green Apple
- Bubble Gum       - Black

- Grapefruit           - Fresh Strawberry

Dr.Marcus International for more than 10 years has specialized in manufacturing of car fresheners. Thanks to a long-term experience as well as high quality of offered products, Dr.Marcus has been one of the leaders in car fresheners market in Poland.
All Dr. Marcus Products are made in Europe from European components.  We use real French perfumes giving our air fresheners long lasting staying power.  Dr. Marcus air fresheners are exported to 50 countries all over the world. 

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Senso Magic

​Fresh Bag Senso is a multifunctional car freshener, which, thanks to the use of NEUTRAFRESH technology, is also the best odor neutralizer for the car. To create it, we soaked small polymer beads in French perfumes and enclosed them in tasteful ribbon bags. Their favorite place is the rearview mirror or any other place in the car. Fresh Bag Senso is also a neat, stylish addition to any interior.
The smell is released slowly up to 45 days.

Available  fragrance
- Gold Orchid                 - Silver Rose

- Green Flowers             - Violet Lavender

​- Rainbow Garden          - Blue Marine

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Functional and stylish glass, wooden cork with practical string and a unique selection of fragrances. This is the smell for the car in the Senso Wood bottle, ideal for anyone who appreciates modern design. It guarantees long-term release of fragrance and is an ideal decorative element.
Can be used for car, home and office.
The smell is released slowly up to 65 days.
Volume: 8 ml.
Available Fragrance
- Exotic Vanilla                - New Car
- Green Grass                 - Black
- Ocean Brave                - Lemon
- Bubble Gum